Wine produced


Red wines

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot
  • Syrah
  • Melnik


White wines

  • Muscat



Wine produced

Winery St. Vrach

Wines - For every taste and preference

We have a secret about quality wine – a good vineyard – with a carefully selected variety, well-kept, caring, generous.

We believe in the potential of the local grape varieties. We create brave blends between rare Bulgarian and international grapes, and innovate continuously. We look to truly express the characteristics of our region in each of our wines.

The company is established in 1994. In the beginning, it rented out the smallest and oldest winery in the area of Kompleksna Opitna Stanciya, Sandanski. We had the chance to learn from the experienced science team, working there at the same time. The company used that knowledge to develop traditions of winemaking.

Traditions in winemaking of the winery date to the year 1950. In 2003, as a result of expanding its production and capacity, the winery moved to its current location and has successfully developed its activities since then.

We have a shop where you can buy our wine products at any time and feel their unique taste.

Order Online


Winery Sveti Vrach accepts wine delivery orders. The delivery is done through SPEEDY courier company . The delivery is limited to an office of SPEEDY in the respective area. The winery can send the following wine varieties: SYRAH, SYRAH / barrique * /, MERLOT, MERLOT / barrique * /, CABERNET SAUVIGNON, CABERNET SAUVIGNON / barrique * /. MELNIK, CABERNET FRANC, ROSE, MUSCAT OTTONEL.
The products can be delivered in a number of sizes depending on the customer’s request, we have the opportunity to offer in 5l. and 10l. Bag In Box, glass bottles of 0,750l., PET packs of 1,2,5 and 10l.

You can place an order over the phone every day from 8 to 17.

Phone number: 0888852295. Contact person: Atanas Chuchukov.

* Barrique means that the wine aged for 1 year in barrique barrrels.

Our Winery

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