History of

Winery St. Vrach

The winery was founded in 1994 and is privately owned. Its main activity is the production and trade of wine and wine products. Since 2001 Winery Sveti Vrach Sandanski has created and cultivated vineyards that are currently planted with the following grape varieties: Muscat – White, Syrah – Red, Merlot – Red, Cabernet Sauvignon, Melnik 55 and Melnik. The cellar, where the vessels and the wine storage barrels are dug into, has unique partition walls of river stones with a width of 1.50 meters. In addition to our own vineyards, each autumn we carefully select and buy grapes from the Melnik-Sandanski terroir, which is famous as the best place in Bulgaria and, in our opinion, in Europe for the production of red grape varieties. The winery has a capacity of 850,000 liters. The production continues throughout the whole year. Wine can be purchased at any time from the company’s store. We produce and sell both young and aged wines. We sell wine primarily in glass bottles, but we also offer draft wines.


The terroir is characterized by sandy soils, which allow water to seep through, as well as limestone and other deposits. We do not treat our vineyards with any pesticides and do not use any damaging practises that may create pollution or in any way harm our grapes or the people who enjoy our wines.


The climate is Mediterranean with a vegetative period of 224 days, average temperature sum of 4385 C°, and absolutely no sources of pollution.

Grape varieties

Cabernet Sauvignon

The Sun

In the summer the region has the longest period of sunshine in the whole country. The average temperature in July is about 25 °C and the days with temperature over 20 °C in July are around 16. The autumn is comparatively mild. It is characterized with sunny days which continue until the end of November and very often during the whole winter.

The Vineyards

We systematically take care of our vineyards.

In June, a number of technological processes occur in the vineyard – pruning, squeezing and cutting, fertilizing vines with natural fertilizers, leaf fertilization and soil treatment.

The Winery

The winery is equipped with state-of-the-art vessels from leading Bulgarian and international producers. It has 12 stainless steel fermenter tanks of 30m³ and 160 French oak barrels of the “barrique” type each being 220 liters. It also has deposit stainless steel wine vessels. The winery has a capacity of 850,000 liters

Winery St. Vrach


Where is the winery and how to get to it? We are in Sandanski, on international main road E-79, right after OMV petrol station.



Winery St. Vrach

Processing & Grape

The processing of the grapes is done with modern machinery and equipment, manufactured by the best in the industry Italian, French, German and Bulgarian companies.  The fermentation in our cellar takes place in new vessels of stainless steel, allowing different ways of conduct and control of the processes depending on the technological tasks. The treatment and the stabilisation of our wines is done with the aid of the most modern facilities.

Winery and cellar St. Vrach

Wine & Aging

Our wines age for several months until they clear out. Then there is a fermentation process, which occurs in stainless steel wine vessels at a temperature of 25-30°С. Matures for 6-12 months in French oak barrels of the “barrique” type, and is left to age into glass bottles for 6-8 months. When the wine is complete, it is placed on the market as a boutique wine of the highest quality

Our Address

International main road E-79 after OMV, heading to Greece.

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